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Certificates of Deposit

We offer flexible maturities from 3 to 60 months at competitive rates. Opening minimum balance of $1,000.


Individual Retirement Accounts

IRAs are a smart way to prepare for retirement, and recent changes in tax law have expanded their value for many people.  We offer several types of accounts to meet your goals and needs.  Bank of Fairfield has IRA specialists who can provide you with information about the IRA choices available to you.


A SEP plan benefits both the employer sponsoring the plan and the employees who share in plan contributions. All types of businesses both incorporated and unincorporated and tax exempt organizations can establish a SIMPLE IRA plan. Contact a specialist at your local branch for more information.


Traditional IRA

Tax deferred retirement account on up to $5,500 per year on qualifying contributions at competitive rates.  A traditional IRA can help you save on taxes now and build greater retirement income for the future.


Roth IRA

Many employed households are eligible for the Roth IRA.  Although your contributions are not tax-deductible, your earnings can grow tax-deferred and qualified withdrawals after a five-year holding period are not subject to federal income tax.  A Roth IRA can help you build greater retirement income for the future.



An IRA rollover may be a good choice for people who are changing job or retiring and want to keep their retirement plan payout growing untouched by taxes.  By making a qualified rollover from your employer-sponsored plan, you avoid withholding taxes and penalties on the distribution, so more of your money keeps compounding tax-deferred.  Consult your tax advisor to determine deductibility and other issues related to your tax situation.

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